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Nobody Needs your Red X

May 17, 2013

When crafting html emails, you must assume that your images will not be seen. If you’re like me, after nudging graphic elements a pixel at a time and sweating over image optimization, the fact that your images might not be seen is a hard pill to swallow.


A Web Designer’s Field Day

April 12, 2013

It’s nice to have a niche market. It allows you to really understand the business of your customers. The industry lingo starts to jive, the value propositions become obvious and as a vendor in the niche, you can add more value for customers.


Products with Tentacles

February 8, 2013

37signals is a polarizing company. Because they do things differently, often contrary to what the ‘textbooks’ say you should do, they have ended up building a legion of fan-boys and plenty of haters.


Tax your Power Users to Save the Masses

January 7, 2013

Power users are used to pain. The pain I’m describing comes in the form of extra clicks, longer load times, or overwhelming screens filled with options. They forgive in return for function.